Birthday Pack

Come celebrate your birthday with the Bullshappy birthday

If your child is having a birthday, the San Francisco Bulls Birthday Pack is the way to celebrate.

Each Birthday Pack includes:

  • 10 tickets to the Bulls game of your choice
  • 10 hot dogs
  • 10 sodas
  • Birthday announcement on the scoreboard
  • A birthday card from Rawhide
  • A guaranteed visit from Rawhide during the game

All this for only $175.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $17.50 each by calling the Bulls office at 415-469-9843. If this pack doesnt fit your needs, please click here to explore our other group options.


A Bulls representative will reach out to you after purchase to select the game, your seats, and communicate the best way to get you your tickets and food vouchers.

SF Bulls_2013-01-04_DSC_7148_18-57-19©MikeTkacheff           SF Bulls at HP Pavillion  023






 *Please note that all sales are final and all deposits are nonrefundable.

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