SF Bulls Staff Blog: Jason Lockhart

Now that things have settled down for a couple of days, I want to take the time to reflect on that doozy of a road trip we had at the start of the season. Eighteen straight days on the road was certainly an adventure of epic proportions. From San Francisco to Alaska to Idaho to Utah to Colorado and back again, the Bulls racked up 5,500 air and road miles. Without further ado, I give you some of the highlights, including the best and worst parts of the trip.

Jason LockhartBest View of the Game from the Broadcast Booth: Idaho
First Snow: Colorado
Best Halloween Party: At an (old) Mormon Church in Salt Lake City
Best Press Room Food: Idaho
Easiest Walk from the Hotel to the Rink: Idaho (elevator ride)
Most Exciting After Practice Activity: New Belgium Brewery tour in Fort Collins, CO
Most Exciting Game: Season Opening win in Alaska
Nicest Hotel: (Tie) Embassy Suites in Utah and Colorado
Nicest Thing About the Embassy Suites: Manager’s Reception (a can’t miss)
Best Evening Activity: Macklemore concert in Utah
Best Located Hotel: The Grove in downtown Boise, ID
Most Remotely Located Hotel: Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO
Best Weather: Utah…was in the 70s
Most conveniently located Starbucks: In the Embassy Suites in Colorado
Best Arena Atmosphere: Colorado
Best In-Game Promotion: Qdoba Minute of Madness in Colorado
Most Dangerous Looking Team: Alaska
Most Picturesque Area: (Tie) Alaska and Utah mountains are comparable

If there’s anything else you would like to know about the road trip, feel free to tweet at me at @JLBullshockey

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