Hey Bulls Fans,

2013-4-18 curdog blogAfter a couple of weeks of recharging the batteries, it will already be time to start shaping the roster for next season. On June 15 we submit a list of signed players from last season we want to have protected for next season. Players such as Tristan King, Bryan Cameron, Mikael Tam, Taylor Nelson and Thomas Heemskerk are on NHL or AHL contracts so can’t be protected. So don’t be surprised when you don’t see them on there. They were assigned to us by their respective NHL or AHL teams.

Then on July 1 player transactions will begin. I hope to keep a number of the core members of our team from last season, because I liked what the team looked like towards the end of the season. I’m hoping to find that chemistry earlier on in the season in 2013-14, so we can make a longer run in the playoffs.

Defensively, I liked our strength, but would like to add some more speed on the back-end. Every one of Alaska’s defenseman was mobile, and I would like to see that on our team next season.

Up front, I would like to add some more skill. A few more scorers would help get the power play up to where it was earlier in the season, and would help in those one-goal games, when one more score could help get us into overtime, giving us an extra point or two. Those points add up and could get you into the playoffs or home ice advantage.

There’s a lot of work to be done in the off-season, and we’re all looking forward to next season. Year one was a good start, but year two is going to be even better. Until the next time, enjoy the nice weather in the Bay Area.

Go Bulls Go!

- Pat