Hi Hockey Fans! Greetings, once again, from the road. After going to the ECHL League Meetings in Las Vegas this week, I will be heading to the NHL Entry Draft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some of the most important people in hockey will be at the NHL Draft, so it will be a great opportunity for me to talk to people face to face.

Players and agents will be on hand, which will be particularly helpful. Since we’re still building the 2012-13 Bulls roster, it will be a good chance to talk to agents to find more potential additions to the roster.

The Draft will also include the Annual Coach’s Clinic. At the clinic will be pro coaches from all levels of pro hockey. We’ll spend the day discussing systems, practices, videos and ways to motivate our players. Overall, it’s a great networking event that should be very useful. I’ll check back after it’s over to fill you in on how things went.

Go SFBulls Go!